Armor Class: 11 (Padded)

Hit Points: 11 (2d8 +2)

Speed: 30ft (9m / 6 sqr)

Proficiency: +2


11 (+0)


11 (+0)


13 (+1)


15 (+2)


19 (+4)


17 (+3)

Skills: Insight +6 Persuasion +5 Investigation +4 History +4

Saving Throws: Wisdom +6 Charisma +5

Challenge: 1/8 (25 XP)


Light Hammer. Melee Weapon Attack +2 to hit, Light, one target. Hit: 2 (1d4 +0 ) bludgeoning damage.

Properties: Light, Thrown: range 20/60ft,

Special Abilities

I Know my job: If the artisan don't have a item that can be made with a tool that he is proficient, he know with some precision where, how long and how much it will take to find/make it. He must make a WIS check vs CD to succeed, the DM must choose the DC acordingly to the item rarity. He is considered proficient with that check.
And we make our profession: Mostly of the artisans are members of a guild and they can easly send messages to each other within a normal horse travelling day without spending money. This can be used to alarm others from thieves and burglars, or any other news.
Tool Proficiency: The artisan is proficient with a number of tools equal to his WIS modifier (at least one). He can also choose to spent 'two' of this points to be expetise with a tool, doubling its proficiency.

Racial Features

Ability Modifiers: +1 to all

Languages: speaks Common and one extra.

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